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Copyrighted. Replicated with the kind permission of Peter Hammill (http://www.sofasound.com).) iso9000认证 I wish that I remembered better. You've grown so fast before my very eyes. The woman that you're now becoming suddenly takes me by surprise. I thought that there'd be time and tide a-plenty to grow into a proper fatherhood but underneath our feet the sands were shifting. You spread your wings, soon you'll be gone from me for good. And when I tucked you in at night and swore I'd always love you madly I'd wondiso9000认证er would this be the last tiiso9000认证e that you'd ever call me "Daddy"? iso9000认证 A bittersweetnes runs through every memory: a daughter's father wants to be so strong, then suddenly he's just an ancient relic. You spread your wings, you weren't a little girl for very long. And if trouble's on its way you know I'd lay my life down for you gladly. I only wishiso9000认证 that I could still remember the last time that you called me "Daddy". Once yoiso9000认证u called me "Daddy". Oh, my precious girl. [edit]Facts iso9000认证