Majjanti - AI-powered Enterprise search platform

Dolcera's 'Majjanti'  features cutting-edge AI technology, allowing us to provide you with the most accurate and insightful analysis. From scientific papers to product announcements, we curate the information that matters most and deliver it in one easy-to-access location and in a format that is easy to read and understand. Whether you're a startup founder, scientist, engineer, IP researcher, or any other professional in the science and technology industries, we provide you with the information you need, when you need it, so that you can stay ahead of the curve.

Majjanti for Digital Transformation

The Dolcera ‘Majjanti’ is a good fit for a number of digital transformation initiatives, especially where there is a lot of legacy information sitting in silos.


Advanced Research and Innovation: R&D and innovation units may have technical documents, slide decks, lab notebooks, patents, product information, even contact info for suppliers etc. All of this information can be OCRd, automatically organized into taxonomies, tagged, uploaded to the cloud, and made searchable securely (with appropriate access controls) without much effort from engineers and scientists. The Majjanti platform has solutions specific for various industry verticals involving complex business use-cases like external innovation/scouting, competitive intelligence, regulatory affairs, etc., and for different industries like food & beverages, consumer packaged goods, pharma, medical devices/diagnostics, and high tech.

Sophik for Digital Transformation

Standard Essential Patents (SEPs) Licensing: The Majjanti platform has been used to house the 'Dolcera standards suite'. It helps you get the latest standards specification information and documentation for wireless standards, multimedia standards and telecommunication standards.

Data driven decision making

AI-based tools consolidate and present data in an intuitive way so your team can make the best decisions with the latest information.

Accurate and transparent

Advanced processing techniques mean you have reliable and accurate information instantly at your fingertips with little to no loss of data.

Case studies

FRAND Licensing, Post-declaration data validation, Competitor intelligence, Litigation support, AI assisted SEP declaration

Majjanti for Sustainability

How cool is it to have a one-stop solution for achieving all your SDGs by 2030?
Dolcera's Majjanti is the solution. 

Cutting Edge AI and Scoring

We identify and analyze the patent portfolios of major players using our proprietary AI-powered search engine and unique sustainability scoring system to generate comprehensive and actionable insights.

Data Coverage

Majjanti showcases relevant data from patents, scientific articles, news, products, clinical trials, and market literature and populates records into an intuitive and dynamic taxonomy.


Majjanti's interactivity has been customized for the food industry to include everything from alternative ingredients, sustainable packaging, energy efficient technologies, waste management, sustainable supply chain, etc.

Continuous Monitoring

Majjanti includes actionable insights such as historical and peer comparison data, whitespace analysis, collaborations, IP acquisitions, etc. Our continuous monitoring and periodic updates will harness current information to deliver a competitive edge.

Team Engagement

Majjanti integrates our periodic Sustainability newsletter, which explains in detail why you should care about the content. We also conduct monthly quizzes to keep your team motivated and stay informed on your strategic topics.

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