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  • Bard’s urology products include basic drainage products, continence products and urological specialty products.
  • The Foley catheter, which Bard introduced in 1934, remains one of the most important products in the urology field. The company has a market-leading position in Foley catheters, including the infection control Foley catheter (Bardex® I.C. Foley catheter), which has been proven to substantially reduce the rate of urinary tract infections.
  • Other urology products include: surgical slings used to treat stress urinary incontinence; fecal incontinence products; natural and synthetic devices for the treatment of pelvic floor and vaginal prolapse; brachytherapy services, devices and radioactive seeds used to treat prostate cancer; intermittent urinary drainage catheters, urine monitoring and collection systems; ureteral stents; and specialty devices for ureteroscopic procedures and stone removal.
  • The company also markets the proprietary line of StatLock® catheter stabilization devices, which are used primarily to secure peripheral intravenous catheters, thereby reducing restarts and other complications.
  • These devices are also used to secure many other types of catheters sold by Bard and other companies, including Foley catheters.