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Template - Production Of Therapeutic Glycoproteins

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=Table of Contents=
1. Introduction<br>1.1. Glycosylation<br>1.2. Importance of Glycosylation in Therapeutic Proteins<br>1.3. Glycosylation and Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing<br>1.4. Glycosylation in Biosimilars<br>2. Search Strategy<br>3. Sample patent analysis<br>4. Taxonomy<br>5. Top Citations<br>5.1. Patent Ranking<br>5.2. Top Cited Patents<br>6. Patent to product mapping<br>7. Key Findings<br>7.1. Major Player<br>7.2. IP Activity<br>7.2.1. IP Activity based on Publication year<br>7.2.2. IP Activity based on Priority year<br>7.3. Geographical Activity<br>7.3.1. Geographical Activity of Patents & their Family members<br>7.4. Categorization on the basis of production methods<br>7.4.1. Mammalian cell lines<br>7.4.2. Transgenic Animals<br>7.4.3. Plants<br>7.4.4. Microorganisms<br>7.4.5. Enzymes<br>7.4.6. Chemical/Cell free synthesis<br>7.4.7. Fermentation/culture conditions<br>8. Conclusion<br>9. References<br>10. Appendix A: Control patents<br>11. Appendix B: Relevant class code definitions<br>12. Appendix C: Concept table<br>
13. Appendix D: Search strategy