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Chemical, Oil & Gas

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Dolcera provides a variety of tools and services to this capital intensive industry to help create new products and to outdo the competition.
<font size = "3">'''Services and Tools for Chemical, Oil & Gas Industry'''</font>
Our services and tools for the Chemical, Oil & Gas industry include:
• A [ <font color="#0000FF"><u>Patent Landscape Report]</u></font> is built on the extensive patent searching
• <font color="#0000FF"><u>[ Patent Search]</u></font>: Novelty, Infringement,Validity
• IP, Scientific and Product [ <font color="#0000FF"><u>Dashboard]</u></font>: Competitive Monitoring and Updates
• Exhaustive repository of technical intelligence with timely updates
• Dedicated team model option for clients
• All Dolcera samples are available at [ <font color="#0000FF"><u>Dolcera Public Wiki]</u></font>
<font size = "3">'''Samples'''</font>
'''Landscape Reports'''
'''Dolcera Chemical, Oil & Gas Team'''
The Dolcera team serving the Chemical, Oil and Gas industry consists of:
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|• Chemists<br>• Chemical engineers<br>• Lubricant specialists<br>• Refinery process experts<br>• Alternate Energy specialists
|• Biofuels experts<br>• Petrochemists<br>• Biochemists<br>• Biotechnologists<br>• Pharmacologists
'''Client References'''
<font color="#0000FF"><u>[ Click here]</u></font> to request client references