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Ureteral Stent

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|bgcolor = "#538ED5"|<font size = "4">''' '''</font>
|bgcolor = "#538ED5"|<font size = "4">''' '''</font>
|bgcolor = "#538ED5"|<font size = "4">'''Boston Scientific'''</font>
|bgcolor = "#538ED5"|<font size = "4">'''C R BARD'''</font>
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#538ED5" rowspan = "4"|'''Products'''
|8 Products
|6 Products
|Percuflex - Biocompatible Polymer
|Licensed from pHreecoat
|Pigtailed and More
|Figure 4 and more
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#538ED5"|'''Clinical <br>Trials'''
|'''Current Trials'''
|Truimph Ureteral stent - Loaded with Triclosan <br>Currently in Phase II (Canada)
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#538ED5" rowspan = "3"|'''Patents'''
|Therapeutic / Medicinal coatings <br>Magnetic nano particles for MRI Imaging <br>Lubricious coatings helping easy insertion
|Therapeutic coatings
|Multiple channels filled with therapeutic agent<br>Multiple collapsible segments preventing fluid passing<br>Renal coil with wick to prevent reflux <br>Stent with beads on its surface <br>Stent with reservoir indicating its release <br>with change in color of urine<br>Expandable and collapsible stent<br>Stents with degradable barbs
|Expandable stents for reducing discomfort
|Elastically deformable stents<br>Biodegradable polymer based stents<br>Porous polymer for long term implantation<br>Stent with variable hardness
|Biodegradable polymers<br>Shape memory alloys<br>General polymer based
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