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Ureteral Stent

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{|border="2" cellspacing=Boston Scientific"0" cellpadding="4" width="82%" |bgcolor ="#538ED5"|<font size ==Products===* They have "4">'''8 ureteral stents''' in their portfolio* BostonScientific's ureteral stent portfolio have some common features such as:#Stent '''material''' consisting of '''Percuflex'''- a Biocompatible Polymer Material</font>|bgcolor = "#The 538ED5"|<font size = "4">'''coatingC R BARD''' on the stent may be a '''Hydroplus''' coating</font>#Most of the stents are designed to have an '''indwelling time''' of '''365 days'''|-#Pigtailed shaped ureteral stent|Relatively late entrant with patents filed post mid 90s   ===Clinical trials===* Boston scientific is conducting clinical '''trials''' for '''Truimph Ureteral stent''' which is a ureteral '''stent''' loaded |Early mover with '''Triclosan''' (used as an antimicrobial agent).The trials are currently patents filed in '''Phase II''' in '''canada'''(NCT00250406).mid 80s|-===Patents===|Increased patent activity since 2000|Patent activity never gained traction*The unmapped patents are analysed based on the following parameters|-'''1.Coating on stents:''' Boston scientific has |Large number of patents on Therapeutic/ medicinal coatings on stents which releases into the vascular region. Magnetic nanoparticles which helps in imaging the ureteral stent using MRI. Lubricious coatings which help in easy insertion of the stentyet to be "productized" '''2.Structure of stent:''' Boston scientific has |Few patents on various structures of stent . For eg: Multiple channels(Depressions) along the length of stent filled with therapeutic agent,Multiple segments on the distal side of stent which is collapsible yet to prevent fluid from passing from the bladder to the kidney, Stent with a renal coil with wick portion to prevent reflux of urine,Stent with beads on its surface which is of figure 8 shape having therapeutic agents, Stent with reservoir indicating its release with change in color of urine,Stents with degradable barbs,Expandable and collapsible stent to reduce patient discomfortbe "productized" '''3.Materials used for stent:'''Boston scientific has patents on various materials used for stent. For eg.Elastically deformable stents(polysaccharide|-based hydrogels), Biodegradable polymer based stents, Porous polymer for long term implantation( poly(styrene) blocks and polyisobutylene blocks),Stent with variable hardness (ethylene vinyl acetate and hydroxypropylcellulose)|Some products undergoing clinical trails==C.R.Bard==|No products undergoing clinical trails|-===Products===* They have '''6 |Diverse range of products''' with variation in their ureteral stent portfolio* C.R Bard ureteral stent portfolio have some common features such as:#Most of the stent has '''Silicone''' as their '''main material'''#They have stent with '''various''' '''designs''' <br>and shapes eg Figure 4 ureteral stentstructure#Some of the stent have '''coatings''' which is '''liscensed''' from third party eg."'''pHreecoat'''"|Small product portfolio|-  ===Clinical trials===There are '''no trials currently''' conducted by C.R.Bard. ===Patents===C R Bard is '''not very active''' in filing patents with very '''few''' patents '''filed after 2000'''. *The unmapped patents are analysed based on the following parameters '''1.Coating on stent:'''They have a couple of patents related |Seem to therapeutic coatigs on stent surfacebe strengthening they market position '''2.Structure of stent:'''C R. Bard patents are related |Seem to expandable be moving focus away from Ureteral stents for reducing patent discomfortmarket|-'''3.Material used on stent:''' Recent patents focuses on Biodegrable polymers, Shape memory alloys or general polymer based stent|}
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