Interferon For Treatment of Melanoma

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==Sample patents==
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|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|'''S.No.'''
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#99CCFF"|'''Patent/Publication No.'''
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|align = "center" bgcolor = "#99CCFF"|'''Assignee / Applicant'''
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|align = "center" bgcolor = "#99CCFF"|'''Title'''
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|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|'''1'''
|align = "center"|<font color="#0000FF"><u>[ US7482014B2]</u></font>
|align = "center"|1/27/2009
|align = "center"|Schering Corporation
|align = "center"|Rybak, Mary Ellen and Rose, Esther Helen
|align = "center"|Melanoma therapy
|align = "center"|The invention relates to a method of treating a patient having Stage IIB or Stage III melanoma which has been surgically removed. A first dose of 6.0 micrograms/kg of pegylated interferon alpha-2b once a week for eight weeks, and then administering to the patient a second dose of 3.0 or less micrograms/kg of pegylated interferon alpha-2b once a week for the remainder of a five year treatment period.
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|'''2'''
|align = "center"|<font color="#0000FF"><u>[ US5997858A]</u></font>
|align = "center"|12/7/1999
|align = "center"|Pharma Pacific Pty Ltd.
|align = "center"|Tovey, Michael Gerard and Kaido, Thomas James
|align = "center"|Stimulation of host defense mechanisms against tumors
|align = "center"|A method for treating multiple myeloma, hairy cell leukemia, malignant melanoma, brain tumors etc. by administering a therapeutically effective amount of an interferon (1500 IU to about 20×10<sup>6</sup> IU for a 70 kg man per day) via oromucosal contact.
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|'''3'''
|align = "center"|<font color="#0000FF"><u>[ EP288055A1]</u></font>
|align = "center"|10/26/1988
|align = "center"|Sunkara, Sai P.
|align = "center"|Use of ODC inhibitors, dacarbazine, and interferon, in the treatment of malignant melanoma
|align = "center"|A combinational therapy containing an ornithine decarboxylase inhibitor, Interferon and Dacarbazine for simultaneous, separate or sequential use in treating rapidly-proliferating cell-growth disease such as melanoma.
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|'''4'''
|align = "center"|<font color="#0000FF"><u>[ EP241242A1]</u></font>
|align = "center"|10/14/1987
|align = "center"|Rudolph, Alfred
|align = "center"|The use of interferon-beta and interleukin-2 for combination therapy and compositions therefor
|align = "center"|A composition comprising of a mixture of lFN- beta and IL-2 for administration to human patients for therapeutic or prophylactic treatment of cancer such as colon cancer, melanoma, renal cell cancer, lung cancer.