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Pinene: An off flavor in mango juice

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/* Objectives */
'''The primary objective of this review was to compile experimental information and relevant literature to help researches working in the area of pinene removal, an off flavor, form mango juice.'''
'''Associated objectives were:'''
* To map the biological pathway of pinene synthesis in mango from the basic element available to cell such as carbohydrate or proteins.
 * To find out methods from literature which can help in cutting down the synthesis of pinene in mango (or other fruits). The challenge was to ascertain physical parameters that can effect affect pinene synthesis in fruits such as temperature, pH, humidity, oxygen concentration and stage of ripening. These parameters can then be taken care of during farming, storage, fruit processing and juice production stages to avoid pinene production in mango. Playing with physical conditions mentioned above are far more cost effective and time saving than the usage of more complex and costly methods such as usage of recombinant DNA technology and genetic engineering, which may not always prove successful. * To provide literature uncovering methods of pinene isolation from magno mango and other fruits. 
* To provide other important supporting information such as chemical synthesis methods of pinene, isomers of pinene, chemical and physical properties of pinene that could be helpful from researcher's point of view.
* To give IP activity in the area of pinene which may involve methods patented to synthesize pinene in labs, usage of pinene to synthesize other important compounds etc.
* Finally, based on our extensive analysis we proposed a way which can turn out to be a cost effective measure to curb pinene production in mango.