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Carbon Nanotubes (CNT)

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== Introduction ==Nanotechnology is being embedded in multiple industries. This report presents a brief history of nanotechnology and the scientific breakthroughs in the area, followed by the use of carbon nanotubes in various industries.
The report also provides a detailed carbon nanotube taxonomy, and the in-depth categorization of patents in this domain. Other topics covered include key universities, companies and market players in the area of carbon nanotubes.
== Introduction ==
=== Nanotechnology ===
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== Taxonomy for Carbon nanotubes ==
[[Image:Carbon Nanotube1.jpg|700 px|center|thumb|Map categorization for CNT]]
== Interactive taxonomy for Carbon nanotubes ==
''Use the mouse(click and drag/scroll up or down/click on nodes) to explore nodes in the detailed taxonomy''<br>
''Click on the red arrow on the side of a node name to view the content for that particular node in the dashboard''
== Top ongoing projects on CNT's ==
=== Link to Dashboard ===
[ Dashboard for CNTs]
== Carbon nanotube in Electric discharge tubes and discharge lamps (IPC H01J) ==
* Large number of companies are now moving into this area.
* Number A sizeable number of startups too are coming into the picture.
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|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|Top Companies
|align = "center" bgcolor = "#C0C0C0"|Number of patents filledfiled
|align = "center"|[ Hon Hai Prec Ind Co]
== Market Research ==