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OLED Mobile Phones Market Research and Analysis Report

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/* Methodology */
We have divided our A three stage analysis broadly into 3 partswas conducted:
===Cluster Analysis1. Technology Overview===
We performed Cluster Analysis to determine A brief understanding of the mobile segments that are most likely to shift to technology behind the OLED mobile category. '''Cluster analysis''' is screens forms the assignment of objects into groups (called clusters) so that objects from the same cluster are more similar introduction to each other than objects from different clustersthis report. Objects in a cluster are similar to each other. To determine the cluster, certain characteristics like Input, Display Size etc. were considered ===2.Cluster Analysis===
Cluster Analysis was used to determine a class of mobile handsets that is most likely to use OLED screens. Cluster analysis is a technique used to assign objects to groups (called clusters), such that objects from the same cluster are ''more similar'' to each other than objects from different clusters. To determine the cluster, certain attributes of a handset like input mode, display Size, camera resolution, etc. were considered.
===3. Bass Diffusion ModelingModel===
After identifying the clusters we have applied the '''The Bass Diffusion Model''' was used to forecast the adoption of the OLED based mobiles among the by consumers. This The Bass diffusion model is used a quantitative tool that describes the process of how new products get adopted as an interaction between users and potential users. In this analysis, the model was employed to forecast the sales of a relatively new product by taking into consideration utilizing historical sales data of analogous products in the same or different product categories. For analogous products in from the same product category (mobile phones) we have considered I-Phone sales as it is the most likely category that will shift to OLED Mobile Phones according to our Cluster Analysis. For Analogous products in the different well as from a diverse product category we have considered LCD TV, Plasma Display TV and LCD monitor. Historical sales data of analogous products has been collected through various secondary sources like research reports and websites of The market penetration for mobiles with OLED screens is arrived at with result for both the related companiesproxies.
==OLED Technology - An Overview==