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Ureteral Stent

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/* Background */
The need for ureteral stents range from a few days to several months. For patients with serious urological problems, ureteral stent maintenance may become a life-long necessity. Unfortunately, there are many problems associated with using ureteral stents.
Sequelae of === Ureteric Stentingstenting difficulties ===(Tolley 2000){|border="2" cellspacing="2" cellpadding="4" width="50%"|align = "center" bgcolor = "#00CCFF"|<font color="#993366">'''Common'''</font>|align = "center" bgcolor = "#00CCFF"|<font color="#993366">'''Rare'''</font> |-|align = "center" bgcolor = "#00CCFF"|||
Trigonal irritation
Biofilm formation
 |align = "center"|<font color="#0000FF">|| Obstruction
Ureteric rupture
Stent forgotten
Tissue hyperplasia
Today, elastomeric materials, such as silicones, polyurethanes and
hydrogel-coated polyolefins are used, with no clear winner, which can