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/* Patent Search Strategy */
==Intellectual Property==
===Patent Search Strategy===
'''Search scope''': US Granted US Applications EP-A EP-B WO JP (bibliographic data only) DE-C,B DE-A DE-T DE-U GB-A FR-A<br>'''Limitation''': Claims, Title or Abstract<br>'''Years''': 1836-2007<br>'''Text''': (((alopecia ADJ areata) OR (baldness NEAR3 spots) OR (hair WITH loss WITH scalp)) AND (Minimiz* OR Promote OR inhibit* OR reduce* OR stimulat* OR treatment OR prevention) AND (hair)) <br>'''Hits''': '''''423 patents (270 Unique patent families)'''''<br>'''Date of Search'''': 5th April 2007<br>
==Patent Mapping==
==Competitor Mapping==