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/* Methodology */
* '''Step 1''': First, list all the players present in Ureteral Stent Market were identified.(The list of companies was retrieved from the FDA site from Registration & Listing database)
** Number of companies that were identified in this step: 20
* '''Step 2''': The second step involved identifying and eliminating companies that are large, and established players or the subsidiaries of the big players in the industry.
**Number of companies eliminated in this step: 14
**Number of (small) companies of interest left: 6
* '''Step 3''': Once the large, and established players were eliminated, companies were compared based on various parameters and rated on the scale of 5 to identify the best target. Please check the following dashboard:
**Number of potential target companies: 6
* '''Step 4''': Finally, after an in-depth analysis of the potential target companies’ on various parameters, following companies identified to be best possible target companies.**To improve Product Portfolio : '''Applied Medical Resources Corp.'''**To enter in Emerging Markets : '''Bioteque Corp.'''
===Company Profile===