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(A) Sony)
(A) Sony)
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=Top Assignee Insights=
=Top Assignee Insights=
=== A) Sony===
=== A) Sonos===
* '''Sonos''' has patents related to the speaker connected to pc or smartphone wirelessly
* '''Sonos''' has patents related to the speaker connected to pc or smartphone wirelessly

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  • Perform a landscape search in the area of Smart Speakers
  • Use PCS to derive insights and gain competitive perspective
  • Understand the value chain and recent M&A activities


A smart speaker is a type of wireless speaker and smart device that utilizes Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other standards to extend usage beyond audio playback. This can include, but not be limited to, features such as compatibility across a number of services and platforms, peer-to-peer connection through mesh networking, intelligent personal assistants, and others. Each can have its own designated interface and features in-house, usually launched or controlled via application or home automation software.

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Search in PCS

A search on PCS for Smart was performed with the following search strategy:

text:smart speaker OR tac:intelligent speaker OR tac:Intelligent home speaker OR ( tac:speaker AND text:Wireless Music system) OR tac:connected speaker OR ( tac:speaker AND text:Wireless speaker system ) OR tac: smart home speaker OR tac:Siri Speaker OR tac:Web-connected Speaker OR tac:Smart wi-fi speaker OR ( tac:home AND tac:wireless speaker)

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Top Assignee

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  • All Top Players have Smart speakers products in market.

Top Assignee Insights

A) Sonos

  • Sonos has patents related to the speaker connected to pc or smartphone wirelessly

B) Samsung

  • Patents from Klox Technologies mentions various Biophotonic compositions and their use as therapy for photo-rejuvenation and wound healing

Bibliographic Analytics

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Value Chain Analysis

Latest M&A Activity in the Space