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S.No Home Control Measuring parameters User Interface Electric appliances Smart Grid
1 Home Consumption Power Computer electric loads Smart Grid
2 Residential Control Energy Desktop domestic appliances Micro grid
3 House Reduce Electrical energy Laptop white good types Green Grid
4 Building Monitor Current Phone lighting equipments Intelligrid
5 Office Saving Voltage Smartphone HVAC intelligent grid
6 Domestic Management   Personal digital assitant PHEV utility grid
7 Consumer Conservation   Handset   power grid
8   Balancing   Tablet   macrogrid
9   Scheduling   Mobile Terminal   future grid
10   Optimization   Palm   intragrid
11   Automation   Handheld Device   intergrid
12       Portable Device    
13       Cellular Device    
14       Display    
15       Graphical user interface    
16       webbased user interface    
17       Touchpad    
18       Touch screen    
19       Iphone    
20       IPad    
21       Netbook    
22       Dashboard screen