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Company Overview - Dolcera

Located in Silicon Valley and Hyderabad, India, Dolcera was founded in 2004 as a professional services organization with a strong technology bent. Our focus is on providing clients with the technical, intellectual property and business information they need to develop new products and ideas, and to understand the competitive landscape and market environment. A particular focus of the organization is to apply tools such as wikis, data visualization, and information analysis to the challenge of finding and using relevant information in the age of data overload.

Our clients include a number of the world's largest legal and technical firms.

Our Services include

  • Patent Research and Analytics
  • Business and Market Research
  • Collaboration and Knowledge Management

Product Description

Good Sales Lead Data is a must for every business; random junk calls can eat up hours and hours of a sales executive’s time each month. Even if the data is available, it’s outdated. This affects the Sales Planning Process of a company.

Dolcera helps in planning sales activities in most efficient way by providing relevant Contact Data. Our data is available on the cloud, and can be accessed from anywhere in the world. The data can be segregated on various parameters like Title, Departments, Role, etc.

However, it doesn’t make much sense until one knows how the company is structured. To overcome this, we have company specific organizational charts which help in gathering insights on the company and target business verticals/divisions accordingly. Our data is manually curated, as compared to updating via scripts and other external software resources. Having understood the importance of each contact and the difference it can make to the fortunes of any organization, we provide you with the best resources for you to run your Business.

Product Description

Our Offerings

Sales Leads are the main drivers for Business Growth in any organization. At Dolcera, we partner with our clients in planning their sales processes by providing Complete, Normalized, Filterable and Manually curated Company/Contact data to help their Businesses grow .

The following are the broad range of our Service Offerings:

Dolcera's Offerings

Comparative Analysis of our Product

How are we different from others

Data Sources / Characteristics Cloud Based Services Organization Structures Data Filterability Data Normalization View all e-mail ID's Customization Manual Curation Service Support
Dolcera Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Jigsaw Yes No Yes Yes Yes No No Yes
Hoovers Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes
Businesscard2 No No No No No No No Yes
Net Prospex Yes No Yes No Yes No No Yes
LinkedIn Yes No Yes No No No No Yes
OneSource No No Yes No No Yes No Yes

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Our Value Proposition

At Dolcera, we believe that a client satisfaction cannot be achieved without constant input and feedback from them. Hence Dolcera's process of client engagements emphasizes recurring client interactions and feedback ultimately leading to Customer Delight. In 7 years of our existence we haven't lost a single Client yet.

Focus on Customer Delight / Value Proposition

Our Clients

We take pride in ourselves, having worked with some of the world's largest companies. We have more than 40 Fortune 500 clients spread across North America, Europe and Asia.
With our clientele growing at a sound pace, Dolcera aims at building long lasting relationships by providing world class service and solutions. Here is a snapshot of a list of clients we work with.

Our Clients Across various Verticals

Data Sources

Our Data Sources Include top Databases, Company Filings and Reports such as:


Contact Us

Contact us at our USA and India offices.

Contact us at our USA and India Offices