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S.No. Patent/Publication No. Publication Year Assignee / Applicant Title
1 US8459537B2 2013 Barilla g. E r. Fratelli s.p.a. | moglia, roberto | amigoni, michele | innocente, mario Easy reclosing system for a container for dry foodstuffs and related container
2 WO2012154909A3 2013 Sun chemical corporation | johnke, christian | frischkorn, jurgen Cold foil adhesives used in food & non food packaging applications
3 WO2013008938A1 2013 The osaka printing ink mfg. Co., ltd. | yoshimoto printing inc. | mutumikagaku co., ltd. | tujiuchi, shuji | yoshimoto, takashi | wada, naruhiro Food packaging paper
4 WO2013002639A1 2013 Van steen-dekker beheer bv | balke management bv | balke, marcellinus sijbrandus lucas | heimans, nicolaas marinus Food packaging
5 US8240505B1 2012 None Easy-open sealing type food container
6 EP2208685B1 2012 Shikoku kakoh co., ltd. Film for food packaging
7 EP2081990B1 2012 Nova chemicals (international) s.a. Barrier film for food packaging
8 EP2451644A1 2012 Tetra laval holdings & finance s.a. Non metal-foil laminated pouch material, method for manufacturing the pouch material and packaging pouch produced thereof
9 WO2012156082A1 2012 Amcor flexibles kreuzlingen ltd | jud, wilfried Foil packaging
10 WO2012047947A3 2012 Cryovac, inc. | ebner, cynthia l. Antimicrobial packaging material and methods of making and using the same
11 WO2012038615A1 2012 Bonduelle | dupont, laurent | gauthier, stéphane Method for packaging non-liquid food products, in particular those sensitive to oxygen, in a container with a low oxygen content
12 GB2491557A 2012 Frito-lay trading company gmbh Package, packaging apparatus, and method of making packages
13 EP2128036B1 2011 Girnet internacional, s.l. Bag for packaging food products
14 EP2143658B1 2011 Grc pack luxembourg s.a. Package for food products, and a method for packaging a food product
15 EP2323917A1 2011 Nestec s.a. Easy opening packaging for food products
16 EP2307285A1 2011 Cadbury holdings limited Package for foldably packaging a food product
17 WO2011139268A1 2011 Liberatore, nekae Animal food and packaging therefor
18 GB2476365A 2011 Avondale foods, limited Food packaging for two different food products to be stored separately
19 US7793391B2 2010 Com-pac international, inc. Flangeless reclosable fastener
20 US7791003B2 2010 Covertex corporation Collapsible insulated food delivery bag
21 EP1377448B1 2010 H.b. Fuller company Food packaging laminates
22 EP1840036B1 2010 Surgital s.p.a. Packaging support and associated packaging method for pasta and other food products
23 EP2025620A4 2010 None Active packaging that inhibits food pathogens
24 WO2010040965A1 2010 Compagnie gervais danone | vandamme, patrick Food packaging with a closing lid
25 GB2465121A 2010 Schalkhammer, thomas Sensory pigments used on food, packaging, paper and pharmaceutical and electronic products
26 EP1905696B1 2009 John bean technologies s.p.a. Apparatus and process for aseptically packaging food products in presealed pouches
27 EP2113466A1 2009 Adim scandolara spa Flexible tube made of antibacterial plastic material, particularly for packaging cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food products
28 EP2079315A2 2009 Kuhne anlagenbau gmbh Antimicrobial food packaging
29 WO2009141213A1 2009 Cryovac, inc. | vitembal societe industrielle | longo, eugenio | baldet, philippe | rizzi, jvanohe | capitani, stefano Gas barrier and liquid absorbent container for the packaging of food products
30 WO2009131232A1 2009 Ube industries, ltd. | hara, yoshitomo | yamaguchi, yutaka Polyamide resin composition and polyamide film for food packaging
31 GB2454748A 2009 Largo foods intellectual properties, limited Packaging of snack food products