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The following is the Application-14/782,783 (filed Oct 6, 2015) for which Non-final Office action has been issued. In this Application, technology for reducing buffer overflow at a Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Serving Gateway (S-GW) is described.

Title: Reduction of Buffer Overflow
Summary/Novelty of the invention:A buffer overflow message may be received, at an evolved node B (eNB) from the S-GW, indicating potential overflow of downlink information at an S-GW buffer. The downlink information may be stored at the S-GW buffer until a plurality of user equipments (UEs) awake from a low power mode during a discontinuous reception (DRX) sleep cycle. One or more UEs may be selected from the plurality of UEs according to predefined criteria, wherein the one or more UEs are in a connected mode. The DRX configurations of the one or more UEs may be modified in order to reduce the downlink information that is stored at the S-GW buffer, thereby reducing the potential for overflow at the S-GW buffer.

Non-final Office Action

The following is the Non-final Office action issued by the Examiner- Jason A. Harley (Art Unit 2468). The Office Action was issued on Dec 15, 2016.The Office Action contains 101 and 103 rejection.

References cited in rejection

The below listed files are the three cited references in the Non-final Office Action 14/782,783.


Claim vs Reference chart

The following Claim vs Reference chart lists out claim and reference wise rejection. This chart provides birds eye-view of the claims in the Application and the rejections given by Examiner and the corresponding references cited against the claims.

Claim Vs Reference chart

Examiner Analytics

The Examiner Analytics chart gives the overall analytics for a particular examiner such as Examiner Allowance rate for RCE, Appeals and Examiner Interviews.

Examiner Statistics

Prosecution Data Sheet

The below Prosecution Data Sheet (PDS) is a brief of the proposed amendment/argument.

  1. Provides the extension dates after the statutory period and the corresponding fees applicable for each extension
  2. Provides reference validation check (whether the reference cited by examiner is valid)
  3. Provides proposed response to each Rejection/Objection and other strategies to claim the white spaces in the Application.
  4. Gives recommendations based on Examiner statistics
Prosecution Data Sheet


Complete Office Action Response

The following Office action response is the complete draft which contains all the response to obviate/rebut the rejection used by the Examiner against the Application.