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(Phases Of Drafting An Office Action Response)
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=Phases Of Drafting An Office Action Response=
=Phases Of Drafting An Office Action Response=
'''PHASE 1:'''
'''PHASE 1:'''
[[File:Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.09.16 pm.png|framed|centre|Phase 1]]
[[Image:Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.09.16 pm.png|thumb|700px|centre|Phase 1]]
'''PHASE 2:'''
'''PHASE 2:'''
[[File:Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.09.40 pm.png|framed|centre|Phase 2]]
[[Image:Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 3.09.40 pm.png|thumb|700px|centre|Phase 2]]
=Dolcera - Internal process and timeline=
=Dolcera - Internal process and timeline=

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Overview of Drafting an office action response

Overview of Drafting Response

  • Note:The prosecution data sheet is a brief of the proposed amendment/argument which is sent to the client attorney. This process may be adapted according to client needs.

Dolcera Workflow


Phases Of Drafting An Office Action Response


Phase 1


Phase 2

Dolcera - Internal process and timeline


  • Dolcera’s prosecution team receives the Office Action from the Client
  • A Senior Analyst checks the Technology area and assigns it to an Analyst with expertise in that technology area
  • An Editor populates the bibliography details, due dates and the cited references in the prosecution data sheet* and sends it to the Analyst
  • Simultaneously, the Analyst reads the Office Action, the patent and the cited references and prepares the strategy accordingly
  • The Analyst prepares the prosecution data sheet* with a proposed strategy
  • The Senior Analyst reviews the strategy and the reviewed prosecution data sheet* is sent to the Client Attorney


  • Receive feedback from Client Attorney on the prosecution data sheet*
  • The Analyst starts to prepare the Office Action response draft based on the received feedback


  • The Analyst prepares the Office Action response draft and shares it with the Senior Analyst
  • The Senior Analyst reviews the response draft and sends the response draft to the Client Attorney

  • Note:Preparing a prosecution data sheet is optional. Dolcera can send the office action response draft to the client without preparing the prosecution data sheet. The process can be adapted according to the client needs.

Office Action Samples

  • The wiki links given below are office action samples prepared by Dolcera as part of the team training process.

Office Action Sample 1- 14/801,964

Office Action Sample 1- 14801964

Office Action Sample 2- 14/782,783

Office Action Sample 2- 14782783