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Anchor components Pat./Pub. No. Assignee/Inventor Title
Rotatable anchor US20030018358 NIDUS MEDICAL LLC Apparatus and methods for treating tissue
Flexible member US20050288711 Fallin, T., Wade Line lock suture attachment systems and methods
Integrated knot pusher US20060178680 ReGen Biologics, Inc. ystem and method for all-inside suture fixation for implant attachment and soft tissue repair
Insertion tool US20050075668 Lizardi, Jose, E. Knotless bioabsorbable suture anchor system and method
Attachment component US20040088004 Rosch, Theodor, Gerhard Suture anchor
Retainer US20060184201 James, Jervis, E. Suture retainer with suture guide and method of using a suture retainer with a suture guide
Drill guide block US20060195108 Fox, Michael, D. Patellar bone tunneling system
Needles US20060195121 Boston Scientific Placing sutures
Staples US20060190039 Birk, Janel Implantable device fastening system and methods of use
Knot US20060190042 Arthrotek, Inc. Tissue repair assembly
Anchoring screw US20060142769 Collette, Michel Anchoring screw for a relay strip or suture
Suture cutter US20050143762 Paraschac, Joseph, Francis Suture locking device and methods