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This report contains the details of all the significant players in the Home Energy Management industry.

Key Players in HEM Industry


  • 4Home was acquired by Motorola Mobility in December 2010
  • It had previously raised around $20 million in equity and 2 rounds of venture funding
  • Reports state a revenue increase of 300 percent in 2010
  • Its products allows control of lights, HVACs systems and thermostats
  • It also offers other modules for security control and control of appliances
  • Verizon has announced a home monitoring and control system powered by Motorola 4Home
  • Honeywell is also collaborating with Motorola 4Home for a home automation system


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  • AlertMe is a UK based company
  • It partnered with British Gas for trials in 2009
  • It has raised around $40 million
  • Investors includes British Gas, which invested into the company in October 2010
  • In September 2011, it announced a partnership with Deutche Telekom
  • It had also partnered with Google Powermeter, the first company in UK to do so
  • Currently, it is partnering with Invensys Controls. Invensys Controls offers devices for control of space heating appliances. Pilot testing has been announced in UK
  • In September 2011, it acquired Wattbox. This gives access to the company to control water heating devices.
  • Its products allow remote monitoring of alarm systems, lights and temperature


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  • The company was founded in 2003 and is based in Salt Lake City, Utah
  • It offers a solution that delivers an engaging in-home experience that exchanges up-to-the minute consumption data between customer and utility and provides intelligent automation and control of smart devices throughout the house
  • Control4 Corporation has strategic relationship with Apogee Interactive Inc and Cisco Systems Inc
  • Cisco gets access to Control4s operating system, which is a key component of Ciscos Home Automation Products
  • Control4 adopts Apogees Energy Analysis Software for its Home Area Networks System
  • Control4 partners with Sub-Zero and Wolf, in 2011, to be able to manage their refrigeration and cooking appliances
  • Control4 certified Partners:
    • Audio / Visual: Atlona, AMC, Avocation, Denon, Fusion Research, Integra, Marantz, NuVision, Onkyo, Pioneer, Sharp, Sony, Yamaha, Zektor, Security
    • Security: Axxess, Baldwin, Honeywell, Kwikset, Saflok, Sequel, Lighting
    • Lighting: LiteTouch, Lutron, Accessories
    • Accessories: Global Cache


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  • Founded in 2006 and is based out of Redwood City, California
  • Formerly known as GreenDeeds Inc
  • Provides energy management solutions, including energy efficiency, demand response, diagnostics and recommendations, measurement and verification, and building envelope evaluation
  • Serves utilities, energy retailers, and home services providers
  • Received a total funding of $5.9 Mn from RockPort Capital Partners and Claremont Creek Ventures, in 2010


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  • Supply agreement with Honeywell (October 2010)
  • Partnership with Itron, licensing of Itrons ERT reading technology (September 2009)
  • Contract with Con Edison, providing in-home dashboard and consumer web portal (September 2009)


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  • Reseller agreement with Seimens, selling Gridpoints products in UK and European markets (March 2011)
  • Contract with U.S. Postal Services to install energy management systems in select post offices across the U.S. (May 2010)
  • Partnership with EnergyHub allowing use of EnergyHubs Dashboard by Gridpoint (March 2010)
  • Contract with Xcel Energy, providing online energy management services (January 2010)
  • Contract with SMUD, providing software solution for SMUDs smart grid solar project (November 2009)


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  • Contract with Rogers (Canada) (August 2011)
  • Contract with Comcast (June 2011)
  • Partnership with Technicolor (France) providing software for Technicolors home control and security tablet (June 2011)
  • Agreement with Visonic (Israel), integrating Visonics security peripherals with iControls software platform (June 2011)
  • Partnership with C24 Interactive, providing solution for home security and management (April 2011)
  • Merger with uControl (November 2010)
  • Agreement with Black & Decker, integrating Black & Deckers security offerings with iControl (April 2009)
  • Collaboration with ADT Security Services for development of integrated home management solution (February 2009)


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Intamac Systems Limited

  • Intamac Systems Limited is a UK based technology company that was founded in September 2000
  • The company uses cloud and advanced applications to deliver services to Utilities (Smart Metering), Telecommunications (Home Security, Video on Demand & Automation) and Security companies
  • NorthCarbon Trust Investments, Chandos Capital Ventures and Seraphim Capital have funded £4M for Home Energy Cloud Computing in 2010
  • Intamac has been working with home energy device makers Current Cost, to install its devices in UK homes
  • Intamac has also been working with BT Group to add energy management to its Home Hub wireless gateways made by Thomson
  • It is a partner in Alcatel-Lucents NG Connect home connectivity program


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  • OpenPeak, Inc. was founded in 2002 and is based in Boca Raton, Florida
  • The companys managed platforms and devices enable service providers, utilities, applications developers, and content owners to interact with customers in their homes, offices, and while traveling
  • OpenPeak raised $52 M from Intel Capital, Horizon Technology Finance and Velocity Financial Group in June, 2010
  • OpenPeak raised $15.5M from Castletop Capital in March 2011
  • Itron Inc. partnered with OpenPeak Inc. for integration of Itrons advanced metering systems with OpenPeaks Home Energy Management Solution, in 2009


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  • Contracts with 57 utilities providing home energy reports, online energy management tools and mobile alerts
  • Partnership with Honeywell to jointly develop energy management tools (September 2011)
  • Contract with First Utility (UK) (July 2011)


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  • The company was incorporated in 2009 and is based in Palo Alto, California
  • It provides energy consumption monitoring solutions
  • It offers mobile applications, cloud based software and other products to control energy consumption at the appliance level and compare their usage with others
  • Blue Line Innovations has partnered with PeoplePower to offer an energy monitoring and control app
  • It has also partnered with Obvius, a hardware solutions manufacturer, for gathering energy information
  • Other Partners: City of Palo Alto Utilities, SERA Architects, TED – The Energy Detective
  • The company received $1Mn Small Business Innovation Research Phase II ARRA Grant from the U.S. Department of Energy
  • People Power was named as one of the Top 10 Company to Watch in 2011 by GigaOM
  • Part of the ZigBee Alliance


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Sequentric Energy Systems, LLC

  • The company was founded in 2004 and is based in Wilmington, North Carolina with sales offices in California and New York
  • Sequentric Energy Systems provides demand response systems for electric utility companies and their customers in the United States and Canada
  • It offers home gateways, ERT home gateways, HVAC modules, load control modules, CT encoding modules, power outlets, power strips, EV hardware, and hardware displays and utility services, residential portals, and 3rd party API software products
  • Sequentric Inks Distribution Pact with HD Supply Utilities, in 2010, to resell and integrate the full suite of Sequentric smart grid solutions to its electric utility customers
  • Sequentric and Incenergy announce strategic partnership, in 2010, to deliver cutting-edge energy management solutions
  • Groton Electric deployed Sequentric Smart Grid Technology in 2010, for a successful pilot project to test the equipment, the installation process, customer acceptance and demand management performance


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  • Agreement with Elster to integrate Tendrils cloud platform with Elesters smart grid system (September 2011)
  • Contract with NorthWestern Energy (August 2011)
  • Collaboration with Seimens Energy to market Tendril Connect platform to utilities (June 2011)
  • Collaboration with Lockheed Martin to deliver integrated demand response solutions (October 2010)
  • Acquired GroundPower, makers of interactive customer engagement system (October 2010)
  • Contract with NSTAR (April 2010)
  • Licensing agreement with Landis+Gyr allowing joint marketing of Tendrils products (March 2010)
  • Reseller agreement with Itron (February 2009)


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HEM Companies Revenue

The following table shows the recent available revenue of the above companies:

Company Name Revenue ($ million) Year
Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. 11460.00 2010
AlertME 4.12 2009
Control4 80.00 2010
Ecofactor 0.16 2010
EnergyHub 1.20 2010
Gridpoint 31.80 2010
iControl 2.90 2010
Intamac Systems Limited 2.23 2010
OpenPeak 9.90 2010
Opower 22.00 2010
PeoplePower 0.16 2010
Sequentric Energy Systems, LLC NA NA
Tendril 8.00 2010

Source: Factiva, Business Life


The company was formerly known as APX Alarm, but it has re-branded its name to Vivint. The following chart depicts the gross revenue of Vivint for the past 3 years:

File:Vivint revenue.png
Vivint: Gross Revenues 2008-2010, Source: SDM 100 List, SDM Magazine

Players who have discontinued their presence in HEM Industry


  • Cisco offered Business Energy Management solutions, including EnergyWise, Network Building Mediator technologies, and Professional Services, that could help businesses:
    • Simplify monitoring, reporting, and control of energy consumption down to individual devices
    • Provide centralized energy management across distributed operations
    • Automate load shedding through policy-based decisions
  • Cisco exited the energy management software market in August 2011, mainly because it failed to convince energy consumers to conserve power


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Google PowerMeter

  • Google PowerMeter only offers a software solution
  • It partners with device manufacturers and utilities for getting energy consumption and related information
  • The service was discontinued on September 16, 2011


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Microsoft Hohm

  • Microsoft Hohm offers only a software solution
  • The service will be discontinued on May 31, 2012


1. Microsoft

Other Players in HEM Industry

AgileWaves Incorporated

  • Started in 2006
  • Building Energy Management system firm based out of California
  • Offers Building Optimization System to provide building owners, operators, and occupants with commercial and institutional applications, as well as to monitor building electric, gas, and water usage, to track performance, manage and control resource consumption
  • Generated revenue worth $800,000 in 2010
  • Partnered with Crestron Control Systems in 2008, for automation of direct communication between the meter and display system


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Belkin International

  • Manufacturer of computer hardware, specializing in connecting devices
  • Founded in 1983, based in california
  • Offers Belkin Conserve line of products to monitor energy usage
  • Before offering smart meter integration, made auto off power strips (and similar products) to minimize vampire power
  • Has invested in juice technologies (which offers products under the Plug Smart brand) in may 2010
  • Acquired Zensi (develops technology for monitoring energy use) in april 2010
  • Products offering smart meter integration are untested


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Blue Line Innovations Inc

  • Founded in 2003 and headquartered at St. Johns, Canada
  • Provides real-time energy feedback products for electric utilities, government, and the consumer markets
  • Offers PowerCost Monitor, that displays real-time energy consumption, with radio enabled meters
  • Also provides load control endpoint products, which communicates with metering equipment to allow load shedding of appliances, such as hot water boilers, AC, and base board heaters
  • Revenues for 2010 was $1.5 Mn
  • Partnered with PlotWatt Inc in August 2011, to gain access to their cloud-based software. This solution enables homeowners to see both their real-time whole-home energy use and appliance level spending with no additional hardware or smart plugs required
  • Partnered with Google PowerMeter in December 2010. Google will use PowerCost Monitor to provide consumers with their energy usage information, wherever they are in the world
  • Partnered with Microsoft Hohm in 2010, to help consumers track energy use down to a minute and dollar


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Calico Energy

  • Partnered with City of Naperville, Chicago to offer energy management platform in the city in January 2011
  • Partnered with Digi International in January 2011 with digi providing device connectivity infrastructure
  • Partnered with juice technologies which provides Smart Electric Vehicle charging
  • Does not offer consumer products, partners with utilities for smart grid, offers consumers energy management solutions as a part


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Current Cost

  • Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Hampshire, UK
  • Manufacturer of real-time energy monitors
  • Offers products for display of real-time energy consumption, costs broken down by appliance
  • E.ON, energy supplier in UK, partnered with Current Cost in March 2011, to distribute energy monitoring meters with real time display to their consumers in Energy Fit campaign
  • Collaboration with Google PowerMeter in 2010, to enable users in UK to receive real-time energy consumption information
  • Forayed into US market in 2010


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