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Monday, 01 June 2009 13:28

Dolcera has developed this proprietary framework and tool to visually analyze gene sequences for research purposes. It is to be noted that this tool has been developed with active inputs from some of the world's largest technology companies.

Key highlights of Patent Sequence Dashboard

  • Accepts inputs from various sequence databases to render the processes output on a single visual platform
  • Mapping of recombinant sequences against the existing genetic strains for in depth analysis.
  • Value added filter criteria for analyzing the patent sequence match.(for eg. Percent identity, EB etc)
  • The nucleotide density and distribution on the genetic strain can be analyzed
  • Intuitive usability to selectively view a specific sequence window from the entire genetic strain
  • Won an honorable mention in the Bio-IT World 2009 Best Practices Awards

This tool is intended to give its users a competitive advantage by:

  • Quickly identifying relevant patent records
  • Transforming large volumes of data into meaningful information
  • Share and Collaborate the research findings with the research team members
  • Saving the generated gene sequence for future review purposes
  • Quick white space analysis of recombinant gene sequences
Dolcera Sample Dolcera Sequence Dashboard - Screencast Video

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