Why Patent Dashboard

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Monday, 07 June 2010 08:57

With the availability of variety IP software tools in the market, organizations and patent professionals are often faced with the learning curve to make efficient use of these tools. Most of the off the shelf patent software tools prevailing today lack the following and prove to be a challenge for the patent professionals across the globe.

  • Comprehensive organization of the patents and non patent literature into a recognizable mind map
  • Data integration from various patent databases into a single platform, and more the specifically patent and non-patent information
  • Utility features allowing tagging and rating for indicating the relevance and importance of IP information
  • Enhanced filter criteria that facilitate patent data analytics (eg. Filter of patents by country codes etc.)

In addition to their inefficiencies, these software tools may lead to an inaccurate evaluation of IP information and, ultimately give way for uninformed decision making.


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