Significant Features and Uses

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Monday, 07 June 2010 08:56
Significant Features of Patent Dashboard
  • Web 2.0 platform enables collaboration amongst geographically distributed teams
  • Accepts user inputs (eg. patent number) on the patent data customization and organization
  • Enables the organization of even complex mind maps and the relevant patents belonging to each category
  • Integration with popular patent database to enable search and store operation inside the console
  • Drag and drop functionality for user friendliness
  • Intuitive organization of dashboard features and functionalities will significantly reduce the learning curve for new users
Popular uses of Dashboard
  • Quickly create a patent dashboard of his/her choice
  • Quickly identifying relevant patent records
  • Transforming large volumes of data into meaningful information
  • Share and Collaborate the research findings with the research team members
  • Track and alert the stakeholders on any new records in their areas of interest within an organization


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