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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 13:51

The Dolcera Dashboard is an interactive Web 2.0 tool, used to review large quantities of patent, scientific and product literature in an aggregate fashion. It is used to collaborate with colleagues and partners around the world. The Dashboard is used by R&D teams, IP counsels and key decision makers around the world to monitor the competitive landscape and to find new opportunities for innovation.

The dashboard predominantly contains information on patents, scientific literature and technical literature. These documents are organized in a highly structured taxonomy developed by the Dolcera team.

What's New - Patent Dashboard Version 1.1
New Patent Dashboard Version 1.1
Why Patent Dashboard Version 1.1
Frequently asked questions - Patent Dashboard Version 1.1

Key highlights of Dashboard

  • IP, scientific and product dashboard: competitive monitoring and updates
  • Exhaustive repository of technical intelligence with timely updates
  • Systematic tracking of technology developments in the client's space
  • Market intelligence derived from varied literature
  • Personalized alerts/RSS feeds in technologies and standards of interest
  • All Dolcera samples are available at Dolcera Public Wiki

Dolcera Dashboard Screencast Video

Dolcera Dashboard Samples

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