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Dolcera Tools Overview

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Monday, 01 June 2009 13:40
Dolcera's proprietary tools have been helping our clients to achieve their desired strategic goals. The Dolcera proprietary tools that have so far been developed are as follows:
  1. Patent Dashboard -  This is an award winning tool to help you visualize patents info, scientific articles and products literature to help you take business decisions. We have seen the competitive intelligence, research, patent and c-level professionals making use of this tool within our client organizations. Further, this tool can provide timely alerts and updates to help you be aware of the developments in your field. 
  2. Dolcera Wiki - We make use of Wikipedia's Mediawiki platform to help clients house all their patent searches and to serve as a knowledge repository for future reference purposes. This wiki platform helps us integrate other widgets including videos, mind maps using excelsius etc. Note: A major business consulting firm is seriously interested in our wiki approach to their reports.
  3. PC 1.0 - This is a supervised automation tool to classify patents based on a training set fed by our subject matter experts to do landscapes & subsequent updates faster, cheaper and better! This could significantly reduce your landscaping and updates cost so that you could use the saved costs in other landscapes or R&D efforts.
  4. Next Gen Patent Review / Workflow Dashboard - This is a tool used by our clients to streamline their 'Freedom to operate/practice" FTO process. The tools helps you set up a multi-level patent review process or workflow within your organization. Also, this newer tool is mobile and tablet friendly.
  5. Sequence Dashboard
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