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Monday, 31 August 2009 06:36

Patent Valuation Services are typically sought by firms that need to negotiate a significant decision making. Hence it is extremely important that an appropriate patent valuation model is followed. All methods of patent valuation involve some element of forecasting ranging from forecasting depreciation rates to forecasting future cashflows, market conditions, effects of competition and distributions and volatilities of returns to patents.

Since Dolcera offers both patent services and market research services with its cross functional team operating out of India, it is at a vantage to deliver patent valuation services at an affordable cost with maximum accuracy. Dolcera’s strength in delivering patent valuation services has always been its dexterity in the choice of patent valuation method.

Intellectual Property Valuation | Patent Valuation | Valuation of Patent | Patent Value Determination Methods

i) Costs - Cost based methods

ii) Market conditions - Market based methods

iii) Income - Methods based on projected cashflows

iv) Time - DCF Methods allowing for the time value of money

v) Uncertainty - DCF Methods allowing for the riskiness of cashflows

vi) Flexibility - DCF based Decision Tree Analysis (DTA) methods

vii) Changing Risk - Option Pricing Theory (OPT) based methods

a) Discrete time - Binomial Model (B-M) based methods

b) Continuous time - Black-Scholes (B-S) option pricing model based methods.


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