Patent Portfolio Analysis

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Monday, 23 February 2009 07:22

Analysis of company patent portfolio gives you an overview of all patents belonging to a specific company. For instance, it can be an analysis of competitor patent portfolios in order to gain knowledge of their patents, main markets and the value of their inventions compared to other inventions in the same technical area. Also, the patent (IP) portfolio analysis can be used to find new business partners.

Dolcera's workshop on this topic in the recently concluded LES Annual Meeting 2012 was well received. The workshop had hands-on exercises for the attendees to understand the following and basically to identify the best patents in a patent portfolio.  

  • Importance of IP assessment and development to build a strong patent portfolio
  • How to identify the best patents in your portfolio quickly
  • How to maximize the value of the best patents in your portfolio 

The workshop is captured in an exclusive Dolcera video here

Client: A communication giant

Goal: To analyse competitors' patent portfolios to decide acquisition target

Duration: 4 weeks

Result: With quick turnaround and analysis skills, Dolcera was able to shortlist techology rich targets for acquisition

Example: Patent Portfolio Analysis

Dolcera advantage: Data integration, technology expertise, speed, low costs

Screencast video on Strategic IP Management and Patent Portfolio Analysis 


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