Application of Patent Landscape

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Friday, 16 July 2010 15:45
The following are the typical applications of patent landscape searches
  1. IP Analysis (taxonomy creation)
    • Background study
    • Formation of search concept and strategy
    • Deep dive analysis
    • Form mindmaps
    • Cluster the patents into buckets based on mindmaps\
    • Continuously evolve based on additional information
  2. Problem solution mapping
    • Problem clustering
    • Solution identification
    • Identification of inventive step / novelty / active ingredient
    • Mapping solutions to problem
    • White space determination and SWOT analysis
  3. Patent to pathway linkages
    • Background research on the relevant patents
    • Determine the chemical, bio-chemical synthesis of compounds
    • Identify the intermediary stages (if any)
    • Determine the biological and chemical pathways
    • Link the identified pathways to the patents
  4. Patent ranking and grading
    • Glean experimental data from patents
    • Normalization of disparate sets of data to enable comparison
    • Attribute weights to each parameter
    • Rank patents based on the information obtained
  5. Market information research and analysis
    • Incidence and prevalence study
    • Market potential assessment
    • Regulatory, clinical and pre-clinical trial analysis
    • Product pipeline
    • VC activity and emerging companies
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