Invalidation Search

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Monday, 23 February 2009 07:05

A patent invalidation search (or infringement) search is performed to determine actions that violate or are covered by a patent that has not been terminated. The search is conducted with aim of uncovering prior art which invalidates or limits the scope of the patent

 Client: A leader in Bakery foods industry

Goal: Invalidate a patent based on the use of an additive in the manufacturing of a food product

Duration: 2 weeks

Result: The Dolcera IPMap integrated patent and scientific information from a variety of sources in one 'snapshot' IPMap that was used by the client for invalidating the patent under consideration.

Example: Invalidation Claim Map

Dolcera advantage: Data integration, technology expertise, speed, low costs

Client quote: "Your services have helped us go one up on our competitor and stamp our supremacy"


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