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Wednesday, 01 April 2009 12:15

This customized search service is engaged when a company suspects another company (referred to as the "target" company) of infringement on one or more patents and wants to include specific products of the target company in the search.

Phase 1 of Patent Infringement Search  | Patent Infringement Research |  Litigation Patent Infringement | Patent Infringement Analysis:

The first phase of providing this patent infringement search involves the Dolcera’s analyst team to compares one or more of the client’s patent claims to specific product(s) of a target company. For this comparison, Dolcera’s team first obtains the target company's product descriptions from public domain. This includes, but is not limited to, white papers, product documents, etc.

Phase 2 of Patent Infringement Search | Patent Infringement Research |  Litigation Patent Infringement | Patent Infringement Analysis:

This phase of the patent infringement search is a comparison of all the target company's patents to the client’s product(s). The foremost reason for this portion of the search is that any company the client is bound to accuse of infringing may attempt to retaliate by accusing the client of infringing on its patents. This important search service from Dolcera helps to ensure that the client is aware of potential infringement counter claims.

Upon completing the search a Dolcera’s analyst team uploads the results in the proprietary data visualization platforms namely the Dolcera Wiki and Dashboard. The report will list the sources of information searched and a list of all relevant information discovered together with copies of the information. The online availability of the search results negates any other exclusive maintenance of information at the client side.

The duration of the patent infringement search is completely dependent on the scope and complexity of the services engagement.


  • A company builds dishwashers with two patented features which use a weight sensor to determine the length of the wash cycle. The company discovers another company's advertisement describing a similar technology. The company wants to determine if its patents are being infringed on by the target company.
  • A company developed and patented a chair that can be converted into a table. A competitor is marketing a chair that may be using the same type of mechanism. The company holding the patent wants to know if the patent is being infringed upon.
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