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Written by Administrator
Saturday, 08 August 2009 14:50

Dolcera patent & non patent literature innovation database is a unique offering that is a collection of the available patents and non patent literature in a specific area of interest. All the Dolcera's innovation patents databases are presented in a state of the art proprietary Web 2.0 tool called as 'Dolcera Dashboard'. The following are the sample patent databases currently available. Dolcera will customize these database based on the requirements from interested parties.

To gain a 15 day trial access to a sample of the patent databases above, please contact us at info@dolcera.com

Please click here to freely access a sample innovation database on 4G wireless products innovation patent database. 

Salient features of Innovation Patent Database:

  •  High quality analysis by Dolcera subject matter experts
  •  A detailed multilevel taxonomy of the desired technology domain
  • Categorized and cataloged literature (both patent and non patent) according to the taxonomy in our proprietary dashboard
  • Geography-centric and process-centric reports
  • Company-wise patent portfolio analysis
  • Monthly updates of new literature to the database
  • All this presented in a unique Web 2.0 interface

Systemic approach of collecting, sorting, analyzing and reporting of data has many advantages.

 Advantages of Innovation Patent Database:

  • Saves time from searching for patents and non patent literature
  • Comprehensive comparative analysis
  • Seamless competitor monitoring
  • Easier decision-making on in-and-out licensing opportunities
  • Strong baseline for future scientific investigations
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