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Thursday, 25 June 2009 11:03

Managing IP Licensing, Patent Commercialization, Patent Marketing, Technology Scouting

Dolcera can help R&D groups identify their key inventions and compare them with past innovations in the field. Thereafter, Dolcera can value the market and business potential for these innovations and identify partners to realize the value through out-licensing or other business arrangements. Dolcera can also contact all potential licensees and shortlist interested partners throughout the world.

In all, Dolcera performs the following four phases

Phase 1 - Technology and Competitive Analysis: In this phase, the Dolcera technology and intellectual property (IP) team conducts thorough due diligence for each of the patents in the client portfolio. We cover the following aspects:

  • Background study
  • Geographic coverage
  • Patent strength vis-a-vis the competitors
  • Complementary technologies

Phase 2 - Identifying Target Markets: This phase covers the following aspects

  • Market Sizing
  • Market Players

Phase 3 - Identifying Key Decision Makers: This phase involves the following

  • Contact details of key decision makers

Phase 4 - Approach the Prospects: This phase involves the following

  • Contact the key decision makers identified in the phase3

 Client Quote:

 Client - A world leader in engineering design

"We certainly appreciate your research approach that resulted in identifying the licensing targets of a type we are looking for, and your very persistent style in making sure that communications between us and target licensees actually happen and parties have a thorough dialogue to understand the opportunity and how it can be brought to successful commercialization. Persistence in pursuing an opportunity seems to be your major strength, keep it up!"


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