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About Dolcera Reports

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 07 January 2012 14:20

Dolcera Reports publishes technology, industry and company reports meant for end users in the fields of patent, intellectual property, business research, market research, technology analysis, company analysis, competitive intelligence and innovation management. The Dolcera center of excellence finds about growth of a technology; competition- key players, innovators; gaps and opportunities in the technology and industry with the analyses of patents and trends as the core.

For more information and custom reports, please write to us at: info@dolcera.com

Dolcera Reports Library

Technology and Communication

Food and Beverages


Quantum Cryptography

Phytosterols and Phytostanols in Foods

Production of Therapeutic Proteins by Glycosylation

NFC (Near Field Communication)

Phospholipids and Sphingolipids in Milk

Gut Biology and Probiotics in Food

Long Term Evolution - LTE MIMO

Nanoemulsions in Foods

Biobased Production of Polyhydroxy Butyrate

Long Term Evolution - LTE MAC

Cheese Analog

Treatment of cardiovascular diseases using nanoparticles

Intellectual Ventures

Campylobacter Control in Meat Products

Production of Bio-PET

High Efficient Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells


HEMT (High Electron Mobillity Transistor)


Antioxidants from Olive Waste

Low Sodium Compositions of Foods

Natural Color for Beverages

Ultrasonic Food Processing - Baking



Bio-production of Terephthalic Acid

Bio-production of Glycerol

Bio-production of Furfural

Bio-production of Ethylene Glycol



Bio-production of Ethylene

Bio-production of Xylene


Automobile and Mechanical

Chemical, Oil and Gas


Variable Valve Timing

Composition of Oxides

Plastic Aerosols

Nanofiber based Adhesives in Medical Applications

Tight Gas Fracturing Techniques

Biodegradable Packaging

Active Suspension Systems in Automobiles

Dispenser with Applicator for Lotion

Light weight packaging



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