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So we have the data in place and have structured it for analysis. What next? We believe that Insights bring the most value to any project and we spend considerable time in this aspect of a project to arrive at meaningful conclusions

Spider Framework

Case study

Industry: Oil and Gas

Area: Technology Stage Cycle

Summary: A multi national Oil & Gas company is looking to invest in the latest technologies for renewable energy storage, and is planning its resources. Which are the latest technologies for this area? Who are the researchers? Who are companies with the most efficient products? The technology stage cycle addresses these questions to guide companies in the next steps.

Problem: What stage is a technology in? Who are the big players? Where is the technology heading towards - a plunge? An exponential growth?

Dolcera Solution: Dolcera plotted all the technologies in terms of their relevance to the renewable energy storage on the technology stage cycle - Trigger Phase, Inflated Expectations, Productivity, etc stages. And recommended the go-to technologies and the most suitable products for the MNC to use.


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