Near-Field Communication (NFC)

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Key players, innovators and industry analysis

November 27, 2011

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 About the Report

 Near Field Communications - A Technology and Patent Landscape Report

NFC is a technical standard  for interoperability and development of near-field communication technology.

This Dolcera exclusive report on Near Field Communication technology patents covers the following areas:

  1. Patents are relevant to standards such as ISO/IEC 14443, ECMA-340 and ECMA-352 and that may read on the standards (priority date of the patents is before the year 2004).
  2. Patents that describe the use of near-field communication technology to deliver various services to consumers (application patents)
  3. Patents that are apparent improvements to the standard-essential patents.
  4. Hardware-related patents that consist of the constructional part of the transmitter/receiver antenna or coil involved in NFC communication.

Key features of this report:

  1. The Dolcera team of NFC subject-matter experts analyzed over 6,000 patents from worldwide patent sources to provide this analysis.
  2. They identified nearly 1,500 patents relevant to the NFC technology and standards.
  3. This report also includes our expert insights into the NFC patent landscape.
  4. We deliver the final report using our unique collaboration platform that makes this gigantic information store easy to use at no extra cost.

Who should buy this report?

Anyone who has intellectual property, licensing, business development, strategy, product development, innovation, or research & development responsibilities.

Table of Contents

1. Executive summary
2. Introduction to NFC
2.1. System description
2.2. Operating Modes
2.3. Applications
3. Taxonomy for near field communication
4. Top cited patents for NFC
5. Key findings
5.1. Major players in NFC technology
5.2. IP activity in NFC technology
5.2.1. Priority year wise
5.2.2. Publication year wise
5.3. Geographic distribution of IP activity in NFC
5.4. Key NFC patents
5.5. Major player analysis
5.5.1. Top assignee - Technology distribution
5.6. Standards based analysis
5.6.1. Top assignee - Standards based
5.6.2. Filing trend - Standards based
5.7. Probably essential patent analysis
5.7.1. Top assignee - Probably essential
5.7.2. Filing trend - Probably essential
5.8. Application based analysis
5.8.1. Top assignee - Application based
5.8.2. Filing trend - Application based
5.8.3. Top assignee - Mobile based data transfer applications
5.8.4. Top assignee - Application based data transfer
5.9. Analysis of NFC related hardware
5.9.1. Filing trend – Hardware
5.9.2. Top assignee - Hardware
6. Appendix: Search strategy
6.1. Patent classes
6.2. Concept table
6.3. Thomson Innovation search
7. Appendix B: Sample analysis
7.1. Application based categorization flowchart
7.2. Standard based categorization flowchart
7.3. Sample categorization

List of Tables

Table 1: Top cited patents for Near Field Communication (NFC)
Table 2: Patent class codes
Table 3: Concept table
Table 4: Thomson Innovation search for NFC patents

List of Figures

Figure 1: Inductive coupling
Figure 2: Modes of operation
Figure 3: Taxonomy of all the relevant patents
Figure 4: Taxonomy - NFC standards
Figure 5: Major players according to number of patents
Figure 6: Priority year wise IP activity
Figure 7: Publication year wise IP activity
Figure 8: Geographical distribution
Figure 9: Top cited patents
Figure 10: Top assignee - Technology distribution
Figure 11: Top assignee - Standards
Figure 12: Filing trend - Standards based
Figure 13: Top assignee - Probably essential
Figure 14: Filing trend - Probably essential
Figure 15: Top assignee - Application based
Figure 16: Filing trend - Application based
Figure 17: Top assignee - Mobile based data transfer applications
Figure 18: Top assignee - Application based - Data transfer
Figure 19: Filing trend – Hardware
Figure 20: Top assignee - Hardware
Figure 21: Application based categorization flowchart
Figure 22: Standard based categorization flowchart

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