Training & Continuous Learning Programme - Dolcera

Written by Administrator
Thursday, 27 August 2009 12:38

Training and assessments at Dolcera are aimed towards making every employee to stay focused on the current tasks and also to maintain the quality of deliverables that Dolcera delivers to clients. Dolcera’s training and periodic assessments are a continuous process that enriches the knowledge of every employee.

Salient Features of Dolcera’s Training and Continuous Learning Programme:

  • Online exclusive learning & test materials that are organized module wise to facilitate easier knowledge dissemination
  • Comprehensive assessments with challenging projects as exercises
  • Exercise based learning to facilitate working knowledge on projects and hence to do away with the theoretical learning
  • Periodic feedback from clients make a closed loop in knowledge improvement
  • Opportunity to participate in technical workshops conducted by the industry and academic institutions
  • Leadership skills groomed with right opportunities including client place meetings with sufficient international travel 


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