Dolcera Report: Variable Valve Timing

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October 2011

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Dolcera Report: Variable Valve Timing (VVT)

Variable Valve Timing is an important phenomenon in all reciprocating internal combustion engines. Valves are used to control the amounts of intake air or charge, thereby operating the engine without any interruption. Earlier valves open and close at a particular engine rpm. The timing of these valves is independent of engine speed. This leads to reduced engine performance.


With the advent of improvements in this technology over the years VVT not only improves engine performance but also reduces harmful emissions, improves fuel economy. Hence in order to improve engine performance, auto giants came up with the concept of Valve timing.


FIAT first patented on this valve timing technology in 1960. But it took almost 20 years for this technology to transform into practicality. Alfa Romeo became the first car to use this technology in its cars in 1980.


This present report analyses the technology of Variable Valve Timing in automobiles. It consists of:


A brief introduction to the technology and detailed information about its classification

By considering highly relevant patents, keywords for the patent search are generated

Different patent classes (US, IPC, ECLA, DEKLA) relating to the valve timing are identified and are used in the patent search

Detailed technology based taxonomy is also furnished

Sample of 8833 patents were analyzed while detailed analysis of 30 key patents is also done.


Dolcera research focuses on finding the relevant Variable Valve Timing (VVT) patents. The research also focuses on analyzing year wise patent activity, leading industry players and country wise patent activity. The report also consists of some key findings regarding top cited patents, statistical analysis of patents using forward citations etc. The research resulted in 8833 patents that are related to VVT covering over 90 countries.






  For complete analysis and a detailed report, click here

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