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Dear Readers,

Greetings from Dolcera!

We are back with our July 2011 newsletter.

Dolcera's offerings help companies innovate and win in the marketplace. Our team works with dozens of Fortune 500 companies, as well as mid-sized and small enterprises, delivering a range of insights into technologies in domains ranging from medical devices and semiconductors to food and beverages, and consumer goods. These services and our innovative tools are a hit with our global client base.

This newsletter is aimed at keeping you informed about some of the latest market and technology trends in various industries.

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Dolcera Newsletter - July, 2011

Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services

In this Issue:

The July edition of Dolcera Newsletter contains two interesting sections:

News and Views   Sample Reports
The i4i vs Microsoft case

Why Apple is veering away from   Samsung for supplies of A6 processors from 2012
Innovation and Intellectual Property activities in the field of Femto Cells

LCD technology: What's Hot and will stay Hot!

Please take a moment to review the incisive analysis developed by our team of scientists and engineers:

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Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


News and Views

i4i vs Microsoft

In 2007, Microsoft was sued by i4i, a Canadian firm, for infringing on i4i's patent of an editing tool it co-opted for MS Word. The technology gave users of Word 2003 and Word 2007 an improved way to edit XML. In the initial hearings the lower courts ruled Microsoft willfully infringed on the Canadian company’s patent.

Microsoft was ordered to pay i4i damages of $290 million. Also, through an injunction it was prohibited from selling versions of Word that contained i4i’s technology... [Read the complete story]

Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


Why Apple is veering away from Samsung for supplies of A6 processors from 2012

Samsung has been a long term supplier of LCD screens, flash memory & processors for mobile devices for Apple Inc. In Feb 2011, Apple Inc and Samsung signed a deal worth $7.8B for supplying various components. In Apr 2011, Apple Inc filed a law suit against Samsung, alleging that Samsung copied the design of its mobile devices and developed Galaxy series of mobiles. Industry sources suggest that, Apple Inc is going to place orders on TSMC for A6 processors towards mid 2012... [Read the complete story]

Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


Sample Reports




Femtocells report | Network category Dashboard | Problem Mapping Dashboard | Key Insights


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A femtocell is a cellular base station designed for use in residential or small business environments. It connects to the service provider’s network via broadband (such as DSL or cable) and typically supports 2 to 5 mobile phones in a residential setting. A femtocell allows service providers to extend service coverage inside of your home - especially where access would otherwise be limited or unavailable - without the need for expensive cellular towers. It also decreases the backhaul costs since it routes your mobile phone traffic through the IP network. [Read More]

In the following report we have analyzed various market players in the femtocell industry and also the key IP holders along with mapping the patent claims to the products. This report also presents a detailed taxonomy is presented which covers all the aspects related to femtocells. A detailed landscape analysis of patent and non-patent literature is done. The product information of major players in the market is also captured. The final section of the report also covers the existing and future market predictions.

In this report:

Femtocells: How do they work?

Technology analysis for femtocells: Interactive taxonomy

Patent analysis, literature search and patent ranking for femtocells

Femtocell market analysis: Demand analysis and market forecast

Major players: IP activity, product activity, geographical activity

Patent activity: based on priority year, publication year, network element technology mapping

Claim to product feature mapping

Key Insights:

Sample patent analysis and sample publications analysis give us more insights into the technology and how it is shaping up in recent years

-       Ericsson has most number of top cited patents for this technology. Airwalk, Airvana, Samsung are some of the major companies that have come out with femtocell products. Also, companies like Qualcomm, Samsung & NEC hold the most patents about femtocell technology

-       China has the highest demand for femtocells. Interestingly China also has severe problems in mobile based services and so the demand of femtocells is more in China

-       Year 2012 onwards we expect to see a sharp rise in the number of femtocell users

-       Years 2008 to 2010 saw a sharp rise in femtocell IP activity priority year wise

-       Most number of femtocell patents were published in 2010

-       Most of these patents were filed in geographies like USA and other WIPO countries which are the big and emerging users of femtocell technology currently

-       Based on our Network element technology mapping for sample patents, we conclude that, the patent activity by top companies has gone up for femtocell access points

-    US and WO are very active in femtocell technology research.



Technology Mapping Major Players Geographic Distribution IP Activity priority year wise

Click Images to Enlarge the Graphs

Femtocells report | Network category Dashboard | Problem Mapping Dashboard | Key Insights


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Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


LCD technology 

Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) due to their lightweight, low operating power and compact design has allowed devices such as digital watches, cell phones, laptops, and any small screened electronics to be possible. Although LCDs were initially created for handheld and portable devices, they have expanded into areas previously monopolized by CRTs such as computer monitors and televisions.

In this report:

LCD Industry Overview

Value Chain and Porter’s 5 Force Analysis

Model used to measure the market attractiveness

Insights and Recommendations

The growth of the $94Bn (US) LCD Industry has been immense. This report attempts to find out the key areas of growth in the next 5 years for this industry.  We have used a model to study the attractiveness of the LCD market and the various segments in the same. The model uses 3 parameters to measure the appeal of the market, namely: Market share, CAGR (Forecasted for the next 6 years) and Competitors Strength.

Click to see Market Attractiveness Model

Click to see top players in LCD industry

 Key Insights

- Though the market share of TFT LCD in the display market is predicted to reduce in the future, it would still capture more than 80% of the market. This presents ample of opportunity for existing players (currently producing semiconductor devices and want to enter LCD market) to use their technological excellence to milk the LCD market

- AMOLED technology is predicted to substitute TFT LCD in applications like smart phones and tablets. Hence for a new player, who plans to invest in R&D and manufacturing to enter the LCD industry, investing in better technology is advisable

- Entry and Exit barriers are both high for the industry. Hence, this industry is attractive only for big players who have the capacity to make huge investments to enter the industry

- From the analysis, the most attractive segments to enter in the TFT LCD display panel are Mobile Phones and Notebook PC

- The developed nations have an exhausted market and there is a lot of potential in the emerging countries for all the segments of TFT LCD.

Recommendations for Small Players

It is not advised for small players to enter the LCD industry as it is already in the consolidation phase. Many players like Samsung, have undergone vertical integration to optimize their costs. The initial investment required to enter the LCD industry is very high. In such a scenario, a small player, who manufactures displays or products, will find it difficult to compete with giants like Samsung, LG etc on prices.

Recommendations for Big Players

Players who have the expertise, capital and capacity to invest in LCD market can consider entering Mobile phones and Notebook PCs market. For them to succeed in the LCD market, they can either specialize in producing LCD displays with the latest and best technology available or consider vertical integration to optimize their cost.

Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


Awards and Mentions


Dolcera's nomination of its services to Genentech gets an honorary mention in the 2009 Bio IT Awards - Best Practices Awards program.

Inside Counsel Magazine's IC 10 Award for Dolcera - as a game-changer for the world's largest medical devices company Medtronic.

Dolcera - Patent and Market Research Services


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