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Friday, 20 February 2009 08:36

IP information can be used very effectively for strategic R&D. Patent filing trends are a leading indicator of innovation in an area of technology. Patents provide a clear idea of opportunities and threats for new ideas and products
More than half a million new patent applications were filed in the US alone in the year 2008. The number continues to grow at a rapid rate. Innovators interested in understanding the patent landscape face the following challenges:

Dolcera IP Services Process Approach

  1. Data extraction: With millions of active patents and patent applications available in the world’s databases, information extraction is a serious challenge. Dolcera has access to a vast array of specialized databases and libraries around the world.
  2. From Data to Information: Patent data is published in a variety of formats and languages around the world. Dolcera has linked up multiple databases and developed expertise to link this data and derive meaningful information from it.
  3. From Information to Knowledge: Dolcera’s experts work with client teams to help them with (a) SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Threat) analysis, (b) white space analysis, (c) portfolio valuation, and (d) interactive presentation of this information to executives and stakeholders throughout the organization.
  4. From Knowledge to Action: Dolcera helps licensing teams maximize the value of their portfolios for both out-licensing and in-licensing purposes through (a) technology due diligence, and (b) diligent marketing of our clients’ IP assets.
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