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Patent Landscaping

Written by Administrator
Friday, 20 February 2009 06:44

Dolcera's Patent Landscape maps out past and present IP activity of various big and small players in the broad-spectrum of any technology. A thorough analysis of patents and other scientefic literature by our SMEs is summarized in a white space analysis, a strategic tool to identify technology gaps. It also features a deep dive analysis of competitors' area of work. The landscape also includes interactive widgets with easy-to-understand analyses.

Key Highlights of our Patent Landscape Services

  • Patent Search: Novelty, Validity and Chemical Structure, as well as Sequence Searches
  • IP, Scientific and Product Dashboard: Competitive monitoring and updates
  • Exhaustive repository of technical intelligence with timely updates
  • Dedicated team model option for clients
  • Systematic tracking of technology developments in the client's space
  • Market intelligence derived from varied literature
  • Personalized alerts/RSS feeds in technologies and standards of interest
  • All Dolcera samples are available at Dolcera Public Wiki

Patent Landscape Screencast Video


Patent Landscape Samples

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