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Why Dolcera?

Written by Administrator
Wednesday, 18 February 2009 08:28

Validated search strategies and proven patent landscaping

  • Innovative and proprietary delivery methodology
  • Culture of learning, training, disciplined delivery and respect to confidentiality, information security, ethics and privilege concerns

Infrastructural strength

  • Proprietary data visualization tools with almost nil learning curve
  • Corporate and law firm promoters bringing in long term vision and stability
  • World-class IT infrastructure supporting scalability, accessibility and highest standards of security and confidentiality
  • Seamless integration with client end IT systems

Human Resource & Training

  • Domain led research team developing innovative service module
  • Cyclical training program with structured training manuals for all employees


  • More than 40 Fortune 500 clients spread across the North American, European and Asian continents
  • Services leading to Customer delight with no client dissatisfied ever since the inception

Cost Savings

  • The cost of creating and maintaining the knowledge repository for clients is absolutely waived
  • Employment of the finest minds through outsourcing
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