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Dolcera was founded by in 2004 by a seasoned group of business and technology entrepreneurs and inventors. Our mission is to provide the highest quality analysis and research services to our legal and technology clients.


Our team's skill set is constantly expanding and currently covers a wide array of industries including software, semiconductor, networking, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, pharmaceuticals and civil engineering industries. Our team is highly qualified and technically sound as most of them have a masters degree from premier institutes. 

Security and Confidentiality

Our processes have been designed to ensure the security and confidentiality of our clients' data at all steps. We utilize tools such as PGP encryption to further protect sensitive information.

Geographical Spread

Utilizing the skills and reach of our North American and Asian teams, we provide services to clients in North America, Europe, and Asia. Our team is available for onsite visits where project needs require it.


We have developed a knowledge sharing and collaboration platform using the popular Mediawiki technology (used by Wikipedia), combined with a set of widgets and a document-management application called the Dolcera Dashboard. 

For our project work, we have developed a number of internal tools to maximize consistency and quality as well as the final presentation of our results.

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